Mrs. Brinkman

Welcome to the New Teacher Spotlight! Illini Central would like to introduce new teachers in the district. Today, we are highlighting Mrs. Katelyn Brinkman!

Mrs. Brinkman teaches third grade for Illini Central Grade School and this is her first year teaching as a formal teacher.

She didn’t originally decide to become a teacher growing up. She actually was attending school to become a graphic designer and traditional artist, but she then transferred schools and got her degree in communication. She couldn’t find a job in her field after graduating, so she worked many odd jobs. After finally getting  a job as a paraprofessional she discovered that she loved being in the classroom and went back to school to get her master's in education.

When asked what motivates her, Mrs. Brinkman stated "I am a driven person and I am always aiming to better myself in different ways. So what drives me is my passion to learn and grow as an individual."  Mrs. Brinkman loves getting to know her students and becoming part of their lives. She also loves having her own classroom and receiving art from her students.

What attracted her to Illini Central was Principal Hellman. Mrs. Brinkman stated that “She is a wonderful person and I have never had someone as kind and caring as a principal. She is genuine and cares about all the staff and students and that is a rare find!”

Mrs. Brinkman was born in Ohio, but she has spent the majority of her life in Illinois. She has lived in several different places throughout the state, but she has lived the longest in Spring Valley, Illinois. When asked where she would love to live most she said she would love to live in Maine or Washington state because it doesn’t get too hot, its beautiful scenery, and it’s right by the coast.

She is married to Andrew Brinkman. They met in a coffee shop where she was a barista. They live in Lincoln in their cozy house without pets. Mr. Brinkman works in Lincoln as a youth mentor and guides students from 8th grade all the way through college in a scholarship program. She loves to read, play video games, play guitar and drums, drawing, painting and sculpting.

A piece of advice she would give her students from her life would be “Just because something you want to do will take years to learn, do it anyway. The time still passes by whether you are chasing your dreams or not.” Her idea of a perfect day would be getting up early on a Saturday morning, and going to the local coffee shop spending time  with her husband. Then relaxing at home with reading or playing video games and baking something delicious.  Finally, when asked what historical figure she would love to meet Mrs. Brinkman stated she would love to meet Ruth Bader Ginsburg, because she fought for woman's rights and gender equality.

Illini Central thanks Mrs. Brinkman for her dedication and time to the students at Illini Central!