Athlete Spotlight

Athlete Spotlight

“Keeps me in shape and lets me spend time with my friends.”

- Kase Renken

Athlete Spotlight

“Sports give me a reason to stay healthy and to keep my grades up, they also give me something to look forward to.” What sports mean to her

- Belle Kelly

Athlete Spotlight

“Running is my life.” - why sports are important to her.

- Alaina Karker

Athlete Spotlight

“I have a good reason to get good grades and to play with my friends.” - How sports effect his life.

- Ryder Claypool

Elijah Ripper

“Helps keep me fit.” - On why he likes running Cross Country.

- Elijah Ripper

Bailie Krause

“Gives me many opportunities in the future and provides me with possible career paths within that sport.” - On what sports mean to her.

- Bailie Krause

Brody Folkes

“I do them everyday and they are fun.” - On why he loves sports.

- Brody Folkes

Megan Hughes

“Sports are important to me because it makes me feel like I belong. They also make me feel happy.”

- Megan Hughes

Kolbi Johnson

“I enjoy playing sports because it has taught me to put others before myself. Sports have also taught me leadership skills. I have enjoyed building a “community” with athletes from other schools.”

- Kolbi Johnson

Bryce Rose

“Sports have given me a reason for everything that I do.”

- Bryce Rose