Students who will be enrolling for the first time at Illini Central CUSD #189 should be aware that the following documents will be required to prove residency in the district. Please bring the following documentation to the registration.
Parents or guardians registering new students will need 1 document from Category A: 

  1. Most recent property tax bill

  2. Mortgage document or payment book

  3. Signed and dated lease and proof of last month’s rent payment

  4. Letter of residence in lieu of lease and proof of last month’s rent payment.

Parents or guardians will also need to provide 2 documents from Category B: 

  1. Gas bill

  2. Electric bill

  3. Water/sewer bill

  4. Home phone bill

  5. Cell phone bill (addressed to home)

  6. Other bill (addressed to home)

  7. Driver’s license or vehicle registration (not both)

  8. Current public aid, Medicaid, or food stamp card

  9. Current homeowner or renter’s insurance policy

  10. Receipt for moving van rental

  11. Stamped receipt from Post Office for change of address.