Ms. Rogers

Welcome to the New Teacher Spotlight! Illini Central would like to introduce new teachers to the district. Today we are highlighting Ms. Rogers. 

Ms. Rogers is a 4th grade teacher and this is her first year teaching. 

From a young age, Ms. Rogers knew she wanted to become an elementary teacher. Growing up she had amazing teachers who inspired her to become one. 

Ms. Rogers’ family motivates her the most. They always believe in and motivate her to work hard. Anytime that things get hard her family gets her through it. She would do anything to make her family proud. 

The most exciting part of her day is working with students. She loves to build connections with all her students. Ms. Rogers loves to see her students understand what she is teaching them. “The "Ah-Ha" moment when they finally understand something will make my day knowing that I helped someone achieve something.” said Ms. Rogers.

She completed her student teaching in a small town similar to Mason City. She loved the small community and the thought of making connections with each and every student and staff member.  

Ms. Rogers is from Freeport, IL. Freeport is about 3 hours north of Mason City. Her dad grew up in South America and has lived in Illinois for over 25 years now. Her mom grew up in a small town and is now a nurse with a master’s degree. She has a younger brother who is a Sophomore at the University of Northern Iowa studying Computer Science. 

If Ms. Rogers could live anywhere it would be in a warm state with little to no winter. 

In her free time she likes to go to movies/musicals and amusement parks with her family and close friends

“If I could give my students a piece of advice it would be that it is okay to make mistakes. From the mistakes I have made, I have learned from them and they helped me become a better person.” 

Ms. Rogers' perfect day is hanging out with her closest family and friends. “Being with people who are positive and make me happy is most important. We don't even have to be doing anything, but just being together and making memories is very special to me.” 

Illini Central thanks Ms. Rogers for her dedication to the students at Illini Central!