Full time Remote Learning Option

The faculty and staff of Illini Central have been hard at work as we prepare to open school in about three weeks. We feel strongly that we have a plan that will allow students to engage in meaningful educational activities while remaining as safe as possible.  

We know that each family will have to make the decision whether or not to send students back to school.  We also know that this is not an easy decision to make.  We believe that student attendance is vital to the development of all children, and we have confidence that we will successfully reopen school for all children. 

However, if your family is choosing to keep your child at home, we ask that you please inform the school of your plans.  You can do this either by calling your child’s principal or by emailing us at illinicentral@illinicentral.org.  Please be sure to leave the name and grade of each of your children who will opt for remote learning. If you know this is the option that you are choosing, we ask that you notify the district before August 14th.

Please remember that if you choose this option,  your student will be enrolled in remote learning for the entire semester.  Families can opt for remote-only learning at any time, but once that option is chosen, it will remain in effect until the end of the semester.  If a family informs the school that they are choosing remote learning, but changes its mind prior to August 24, the student will be able to attend in person.  For information regarding the option of remote learning, please see page 14 of the Illini Central Reopening Plan.

The district will provide meals to K-12 students who opt for remote learning.  These meals will be available for daily pick-up at the school.  Pick up details will be released at a later date.  When calling or emailing the school to notify us that you are choosing remote learning, please indicate if you wish to receive the meals as well.