Dear Parents/Guardians:

As you are probably aware, the CDC and the Illinois Department of Public Health released updated guidance for the prevention of COVID-19 in schools.   While the guidance does offer the possibility of changes from last year’s procedures, we think it is fair to say that guidance was not as detailed as we had hoped.  

We are currently reviewing the CDC guidance and will continue to work to develop a plan that allows us to resume in-person learning as safely as possible. The Board of Education will discuss these issues at its meeting on Tuesday, July 13. It is important to note that no action will be taken at this meeting. However, the administrative team is prepared to share information and provide details on our plans.  

While we know that the start of the school year is a little over a month away, it is important to remember that we still have time to make decisions.  Over the next few weeks, it is likely that we will receive further guidance and more information.  It is in the District’s best interest to let this process play out so that we can make the best decisions for our students.  

We know that you would like the information as soon as possible. We are not trying to inconvenience anyone, but we want to make the best decisions we can, and we think time will help achieve that goal. We have a committee working on our full-day plan, and we will continue to meet to discuss these changes.  

The Board of Education meeting will be held on Tuesday, July 13 at 7:00 pm in the Grade School Library. The zoom link is:

Thank you,

Mike Ward