New Teacher Spotlights

Welcome to the New Teacher Spotlight! Illini Central would like to introduce new teachers in the district. Today, we are highlighting Miss Heyen!

Miss Heyen is an Academic Support and Support teacher who just recently started her teaching career this school year.

Her plans for after high school always consisted of teaching and coaching volleyball and/or softball. Miss Heyen is from Greenview, IL and the reason she chose Illini Central was because of her attending there and playing against IC all throughout her highschool career.

The things that motivate her to work her hardest is her family, her goal to teach, and the ability to help students receive the best education they deserve. Seeing her students everyday is the most exciting part of her day!

Miss Heyen is the daughter of Dean and Jennifer Heyen, and they work for the Department of Ag and Merell Lynch. Her father coached middle school basketball at IC almost 10 years ago and her mom coached middle school volleyball at Greenview for 6 years! Her brother's name is Jacob and he is currently in 8th grade at Greenview Jr. High, and he plays baseball here at Illini Central.She also has three inside cats, a dog, and four outside cats. 

Her hobbies consist of her love for listening to music, playing piano, playing video games, reading, and playing with her animals. If given the choice to live somewhere she chose anywhere warm all year long, but she would love to experience Alaska! Her idea of a perfect day is to maybe go shopping and then coming home to relax, binge watch her favorite show she is currently watching, and ordering sushi or Chipotle.

If she gave her students one piece of advice about life it would be“Everything happens for a reason. Do not fret and focus on the past. Focus on you and your future and do what makes you happy.” 

If she were to pick a historical figure to meet she chose Sigmund Freud or Martin Luther King, Jr. Sigmund Freud made huge advancements within the psychology world when studying and writing his works about Dreams and other research he had done. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a huge influential and spokesperson about inequality amongst the people. 

Some quotes she goes by are:

"Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength" -Sigmund Freud

"We may have all come on different ships, but we're in the same boat now." - MLK

"Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity." - MLK 

Illini Central thanks Miss Heyen for her dedication to the students at Illini Central!