The school counseling programs provided at Illini Central C.U.S.D #189 are in compliance with the Section 15(a) of Public Act 93-0495. This Act calls upon the Illinois State Board of Education to "develop and implement a plan to incorporate social and emotional development standards as part of the Illinois Learning Standards." The school counseling component is part of the K-12 comprehensive education provided to all students through activities that focus on teaching positive approaches toward school and lifelong learning and the knowledge and skills for life and employment. It includes:

  • Academic counseling, which helps students and their parents or guardians complete and understand Academic and Career Plans (ACPs), acquire knowledge of the curriculum choices and testing and choose appropriate courses leading to graduation and a transition to college, career, and other educational opportunities.

  • Career counseling, which helps students to acquire information and skills in order to plan for work, jobs, apprenticeships, postsecondary education, and career opportunities, including United States military branches. Career interest inventories are utilized by students in elementary, middle and high schools as a component of the Academic and Career Plans (ACPs).

The school counseling program also helps students develop an understanding of themselves and of the rights and needs of others; learn to resolve conflicts; and set individual goals reflecting their interests, abilities, and aptitudes. Personal or social counseling may be provided in large groups (e.g., all seventh graders) in which general issues of social development are addressed or in structured individual or small-group multisession counseling that focuses on the specific concerns of the participant(s). Parents or guardians shall receive written notification of short-term personal or social counseling of a small group nature. Parental or guardian consent is not required for short-term personal or social counseling and/or crisis intervention that is needed to maintain order, discipline, or a productive learning environment.

You may excuse your child from academic, career or personal/social counseling at any time by completing the opt-out form. An opt-out request will remain in effect from the day it is received by the school throughout the academic school year, unless the opt-out request is rescinded by the parents/guardians or adult student in writing. The completed opt-out form will be housed in the student’s cumulative folder. Parents/guardians or adult student who opt to have their child excused from academic or career counseling shall have sole responsibility to ensure that all academic and graduation requirements are fulfilled.

Parents/guardians or adult student may review materials to be used in school counseling programs at their child’s school by contacting the school counselor.

Additionally, Illini Central has a wonderful resource to help support the social-emotional needs of our students, staff, and community. Kevin is a certified social-emotional/therapy dog. Due to the nature of his breed, he is hypoallergenic and does not produce dander. His gentle and loving demeanor, along with his extensive training, make him a wonderful added resource for our Illini Central community in relation to social-emotional needs. Kevin assists in building student relationships, enabling students to feel safe opening up to him and Mrs. Baugher. As great of a resource that Kevin is, we understand you may prefer your child not to interact with Kevin in a one-on-one environment. If you are unsure or have any question regarding Kevin and any interactions with students, please feel free to contact our school counselor, Annie Baugher at

If you wish that your child not participate in counseling or interact with the therapy dog, please complete the forms on the website under "For Parents."