IC Board Adopts Spectator Rules for School Events

On Thursday, February 11, 2021, the Illini Central Board of Education adopted a change in the reopening plan to allow limited spectators at extracurricular activities.  Beginning Tuesday, February 16, Illini Central athletes will be allowed to invite two guests to attend home contests. Visiting teams will not be allowed to have guests.  

A ticketing system will be used.  Coaches will distribute tickets to athletes on the day prior to the home event.  Spectators will need to bring the ticket to the game. All spectators will be required to wear a mask and will complete a screening before entering the building. The gym will be emptied after each game so that the bleachers can be sanitized.  A complete list of the rules can be found below. The list is also on the district website.  

Illini Central home events will continue to be streamed through YouTube Live.  Links to each broadcast can be found at the district’s activities webpage.

Illini Central CUSD189

Spectator Guidelines for 2020-2021 Extracurricular Events

  1. Only athletes from Illini Central will be allowed to have spectators.

  2. Each athlete will be limited to 2 spectators.

  3. All spectators must have a ticket to enter the building.

  4. We will not charge admission for the 2020-2021 sports season.

  5. All spectators will be screened (temperature taken and screening questions asked) prior to entering the gym. 

  6. All spectators will be required to wear a mask.

  7. All spectators must sit in sections designated by blue markings on the bleachers.

  8. Spectators are asked to remain in the vehicle until we open the doors for that specific game.

  9. The gym will be emptied of spectators after each team plays. For example, 7th grade volleyball spectators will not be allowed to stay for the 8th grade game unless they have a separate ticket for the 8th grade game. 

  10. Spectators are expected to leave the gym immediately following the game.

  11. The bleachers will be cleaned and sanitized between games.

  12. There will be no concessions offered.  We ask that spectators refrain from bringing food into the building.

  13. Entry and exit doors will be marked. Please follow those signs when entering or exiting. 

  14. Spectators are expected to follow any directive from the game supervisor related to social distancing and mask wearing. Individuals who refuse direction will be removed from the building and may face exclusion from all athletic activities for the 2020-2021 school year.


  1. Coaches will provide each player a ticket the day before the game.

  2. Parents will fill out the ticket listing the names of two individuals who will be allowed in the building.

  3. The ticket will be presented at the door. Only the individuals listed on the ticket will be allowed to enter.