IC Remote Learning Day 2/16/21

In January, a large number of Illini Central staff members received the first of two COVID-19 vaccinations.  On Monday, February 15, these staff members will receive the second dose.   We have heard a number of reports that people experience COVID-like side effects, especially after the second dose.  If this occurs, our staff will not be able to return to work until symptoms pass, and we could face the challenge of filling a number of absences. 

In anticipation of this possible situation, all Illini Central schools will have a remote learning day on Tuesday, February 16.  Students will be expected to treat this day like any of the other remote learning days we had earlier this year.  Student attendance will be taken that day. 

Teachers and paraprofessionals are expected to provide instruction and support as was done during the remote periods.  Teachers will review expectations for the day with students next week. 

All students in the Pre-Kindergarten program will have a zoom meeting at 9:30. Teachers will post the meeting link in Google Classroom. 

LTEC students will still attend programs in Lincoln.  Any student who attends an alternative program will follow that school's schedule.  

There will be no lunch delivery or service for students that day. 

If you have any questions, please contact the school at 217-482-5180. 

Thank you and have a good weekend.