AT&T Hotspot Device Update

Beginning in April, Illini Central schools have distributed 100 AT&T Radiant Core hotspot devices to district families to use to support remote learning.  We have learned that these devices have significant limitations.  Late last year, we began working with AT&T to replace the Radiant Core devices with something that is more reliable and with more data.  

We finally received 100 new AT&T Moxee devices that are an upgrade over the Radiant Core. For those families who received an AT&T Radiant Core, we are asking that you please return that device and pick up the AT&T Moxee.  

Illini Central staff will be available on Wednesday, January 13 and Thursday January 14 from 7:15-4:00 to families to drop off the old device and pick up the new one.  If these times/dates do not work for you, please contact us at

Data service for the AT&T Radiant Core devices will be turned off on Monday, January 18. After that date, the Radiant Core devices will not support internet access.  

Since the beginning of remote learning, the district has distributed over 600 Chromebooks,  100 AT&T devices,  and 20 Verizon hotspots, in addition to equipping the bus fleet with wifi access points. All of these efforts have been made to assist families and students in accessing online learning platforms.  While the district is scheduled to return to in-person instruction on Tuesday, January 19, we will remain committed to providing support for those families with technology needs.