Illini Central Extends First Semester

Extension of Fall 2020 Semester

We recognize that this school year has brought many struggles for our students.  We also acknowledge that students are working more independently to learn using new methods of instruction.  We also recognize that technology and internet disruptions may also play a factor in students’ academic performance.  

Looking ahead, the likelihood of retention and course repetition are concerns for many students.  Many students are performing below their historical grades, and we believe this is due to the current circumstances.  

To address these concerns, the Illini Central School Board voted to extend the second quarter through January 15, 2021. The third quarter will begin on January 19, 2021 for all students.

From January 5-15, 2021, middle and high school teachers will review important instruction and provide students an opportunity to improve their grades.  During this time, all teachers will allow students to do the following:

  • Allow students to turn in missing work for partial credit

  • Provide opportunities to improve grades through either redoing assessments or completing equivalent assessments to replace the lower grade

  • Provide supplemental assessments for students to complete to improve their grade 

During this time, a student’s grade can only improve.  All students, not just those failing, may complete work to improve their grade.  Teachers will communicate these opportunities with students through Google Classroom.  

Only in the following classes will new content be taught before January 19, 2021:

  • Accelerated 7th Grade Math

  • 8th Grade Algebra

  • Pre-Calculus 

  • AP Calculus

  • Transitional Math

  • Spanish III

  • Spanish IV

  • Physics

  • Advanced Chemistry

In these classes, the grades for this work will count towards third quarter grades.

We will continue to follow the 1:30 bell schedule for all classes for attendance.  All students are expected to show up for attendance each class period as is policy.  Students who have worked hard and earned 86% (A-) or higher for the semester (2nd quarter in the middle school) in a class have the option to be excused for that class period and are not required to check-in for attendance unless their class is listed above. 

In high school, the first 30 minutes of the period, students will virtually report to their assigned class and work with that teacher.  The remainder of the class period will be dedicated to the completion of work.  Students may use this time to check in with other teachers for additional support in other classes.  

Middle school teachers will be available during their support classes and from 1:00 pm-1:30 pm daily.  

All teachers will be required to hold office hours on Zoom or Google Meet each day from 8:00 am to 1:30 pm.  A document will be posted to Google Classroom with links to each teacher’s office hours, and teachers will post it on their Google Classroom pages as well.  

Students can find links to their virtual classes on the Office Hour Links page posted on the grade-level Google Classroom.  

Teachers will be required to submit final grades for the second quarter and the first semester by 8:00 am on January 20, 2021.

It is important to note that this is a one-time extension.  This extension will NOT be provided for the second semester.  It is the responsibility of the student to improve their grade.  Teachers will communicate missing work with students through Skyward and Google Classroom.