Student Supply and Property Pick Up Schedule

Illini Central schools will distribute student supplies and property on Thursday, April 30 and Friday, May 1.  

Student property will be removed from lockers, desks, and PE lockers and placed in bags.  We will deliver to parents through a curbside pickup.  Parents will be asked to line up in the east parking lot in their vehicles.  Staff will deliver the bags to the curb. We will ask parents to place the material in vehicles. 

We ask that you please follow the schedule listed below.  It is organized by the parent/guardian last name. We realize that you may be picking up for students with different last names. Parents will be asked to provide the names of all the children in the household, and staff will deliver all of the bags. 

Thursday, April 30 

9-11am- Parent last names A-B

11am-1pm- Parent last names C-F

1:30-3pm- Parent last names G-J

Friday, May 1

8-10am- Parent last names K-M

10am-12pm- Parent last names N-R

1-3pm- Parent last names S-Z

We realize that you may have a conflict with the scheduled pick up time.  We ask that you do your best to arrive during your scheduled pick up time in order to minimize wait times.