Remote Learning Planning Days Scheduled

Illini Central schools will hold two Remote Learning Planning days on April 10 and April 13, 2020.  On these days, teachers will participate in staff development activities focused on distance learning skills.  We continue to learn more about remote learning, and we will use these days to share our experiences and to improve instruction.

Originally, these were non-attendance days in our school calendar.  These days will count as instructional days. Students will not be given work on Friday and Monday and are not expected to sign in nor complete any online work.  

As these days do count as days of instruction, our calendar will be revised so that the last day of student “attendance” will be May 26, 2020.  

Remote learning has been a challenge for teachers, students and parents.  As we continue to develop this system, we ask for your patience. If you have questions regarding the amount of work, the time that it takes to complete assignments, or specifics about an assignment, please contact teachers directly at their email.  Your feedback is important as we determine how best to continue. We also ask you to remind your middle and high school students to sign in daily using the verification form that can be found at  

Finally, we hope that you continue to stay safe and healthy in the days and weeks ahead.  The isolation of shelter in place is frustrating, and as the weather warms, the temptation to gather will be greater.  Please keep in mind the recommendations of the CDC so that we can reduce the amount of COVID-19 cases locally.